5-Star Buys: An Extra-Special Pet Collar

Loyal, sweet, and cuddly as can be, dogs really do make the best of friends. Even if your particular furball is more inclined to chew on your slippers than dotingly deliver them to your bedside, when their little tail starts to wag and their trusting eyes look up, all is forgotten and our hearts officially turn to mush.

One way to return some of that unconditional love? Treat them to a custom velvet collar, hand-embroidered with their name. Reinforced with durable, washable nylon webbing and available in a whopping 24 hues, ranging from teal blue (pictured above) to primrose pink—and even leopard print for the truly trendy pup—this personalized piece is guaranteed to help your furry bestie put their best paw forward. Just take it from one delighted dog mom:

“My handsome boy just got even more handsome! This collar is so soft, and I absolutely love seeing my dog’s name in pretty cursive. This is such a special piece!” — KL





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