Things to know about graphic design industry for beginners

Things to know about graphic design industry for beginners

    Graphic design – attraction for today’s youth.

What is graphic design that so many young people are interested in? In recent years, we can easily see the need to recruit workers working in the creative industry growing at a rapid rate. In which, it is impossible not to mention the countless vacancies for designers with many attractive salaries — from office work to freelance work.
It can be said that the work of creative design, or more specifically, the Graphic Design industry has made a significant contribution in our lives, in all aspects of everyday aesthetics and media communication. advertisement.
So what is graphic design? Join me to decipher the attraction of the Graphic Design industry through the following article!

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What do graphic designers do?
We have a brief understanding of the work of graphic designers, which will include generating ideas and using creative skills. From there, through graphic tools such as Photoshop or AI to design artistic graphic products with geometric arrangement, layout, color selection, etc… in the most aesthetic and attractive way.

Why is the Graphic Design industry “hot” as it is today?
 – Income and advancement opportunities
Nature of the profession Graphic design requires high creativity, as well as aesthetic taste and the ability to understand design, good communication and negotiation skills. Therefore, the labor market is always open to opportunities for those who are passionate about this profession.
But with the increasing recruitment demand, attractive salary and development roadmap is also one of the main reasons creating the “heat” for this industry.
In addition, graphic designers after cultivating enough skills and vision, they can also develop to higher management positions such as Head of Design, Head of Marketing, Creative Director, etc.
– Creativity and freedom
As part of the creative industry, graphic design also creates flexible working opportunities for many young people. Not required to always be 8-5 in the corporate office, Graphic Designer today can work anywhere, at home, coffee shop, or comfortable spaces.
More than that, because creative design requires you to always innovate and update trends. This gives designers the opportunity to explore and learn every day. The dynamism and creativity in this industry also become an attractive point that makes Graphic Design a dream job choice for many young people today.
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The main fields in Graphic Design
Brand identity design
Brand identity is the way in which a company, business, or brand conveys their unique characteristics, personality, messages, images, emotions, and experiences to users. This is also considered the “representative face” that makes it easy for customers to recognize and remember their brand.
These graphic designers need to work collaboratively with businesses to define the brand directions and the content they want to convey.
From there, design an identity system suitable for the company’s needs, including: logo, font, color palette, or set of representative images. Often appear in the form of familiar publications such as business cards, stationery, staff uniforms, brand manuals, etc.
– Graphic design for marketing and advertising
Some graphic products in this field include: leaflets, advertising posters, posters, catalogs, email banners, advertising images on social networks or websites/blogs, etc.

How to start a career in graphic design?
– Additional professional knowledge and skills
The first step as well as the most important step when “entering” into the industry is to equip yourself with a solid knowledge base.
Start researching, learning about the basics like design principles and principles, building ideas, etc. You can sign up for design courses, or you can self-study on the Internet.
After forming preliminary ideas about graphic design, do not hesitate to immediately put into practice to turn your ideas into your own products. Taking this opportunity, you should focus on mastering design tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustration, Adobe InDesign, etc. to be able to develop and progress further in the industry!

Soft skills hone
Besides, you also need to “upgrade” yourself with important soft skills to expand and increase your chances of working as a professional graphic designer.
Let me suggest you some essential soft skills below:
– Idea generation and creativity skills
– Communication and negotiation skills
– Time management skills
– Ability to cooperate and solve problems
– Analytical thinking and quick learning
    I have just finished sharing with you things to know about graphic design industry for beginners . Hopefully, these knowledge will effectively support you in the process of creating logo design and partly assist in positioning products for your business.
See you in the next posts.

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