Breezy Wardrobe Staples From Linenfox

A casual, yet lovingly planned, beach picnic for two. An unhurried afternoon arranging a nursery for a new arrival. A gathering of girlfriends in matching bridesmaid dresses preparing to send their sister down the aisle. Linenfox’s timeless collection of linen clothing is ready for all these scenes of daily life—the quiet moments and the milestones alike. “Our clothes can be used for gardening, traveling, or shopping at the market,” says Ingrida Margelė, who created the line with her husband, Airidas Margelis. “But the same garment, if dressed up a bit, could be worn for a formal occasion. There are so many things we have to do in our lives, why not have a staple that works well for numerous occasions?”

Explore the Linenfox collection Their collection, sewn from locally sourced linen in a sunny Lithuania studio, is the beautiful answer to that very practical question. Each design is available in a palette of hues plucked from nature: forest green, graphite grey, and dusty peach, among others. Customers can request necklines, sleeve lengths, and hems to suit their bodies and their tastes.

As Ingrida says, she didn’t invent women’s clothing or linen basics—but she and her team have made it their mission to improve upon the classics. Their carefully crafted, well-fitting pieces with standout details (think side-seam pockets and perfectly-placed waists) are made to endure.

What motivated you to start Linenfox?

One thing that encouraged me to embark on this journey was the fact that I could not find simple, neutral linen clothes that I would like to wear every day. Our brand is inspired by nature and movement, and we make clothing that can be worn for cycling and playing outdoors or for taking part in a formal event. Comfort is important to us. We make functional garments that are suitable for a wide range of occasions.

What are some of your best-selling styles?

Our number one bestseller is the Mimosa dress. Its construction accommodates many different body shapes, and it doesn’t matter how much pizza and gelato you have while traveling in Italy because the waistband is adjustable. The Nida dress and the Nova pants are also very popular. We have many repeat customers that return whenever we release a new color for these designs. (Our latest is emerald green.) In fact, one customer has purchased the same dress in every color we offer.



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