Instructions for Thermal Transfer Printing on Cups – Thermal Transfer Printing on Porcelain Glasses

Instructions for Thermal Transfer Printing on Cups – Thermal Transfer Printing on Porcelain Glasses

I. Printed porcelain cups – meaningful gifts- current gift trends.

On special occasions or events, New Year’s holidays, anniversaries, etc., many people choose ceramic cups with heat transfer printing to give to their loved ones, partners, customers… A cup Porcelain, porcelain mugs with pictures, letters, logos will be the most meaningful gift, a gift that has both material value and spiritual meaning containing many messages.

II. Instructions for Thermal Transfer Printing on Cups – Thermal Transfer Printing on Porcelain Glasses.

#1 – Design the image file according to the standard size of the cup
First, you need to know the exact size of the porcelain cup or cup you want to print the image on to design the image file to match the cup shape. You can use Photoshop or Corel software to design images according to customer requirements, tips you can increase the color depth to 1 to 2 tones so that the image after printing on the glass will be warm and more clearly!
#2 – Thermal Transfer Paper
Thermal transfer paper and media to be able to transfer the image onto the thermal transfer printing cup. Thermal transfer paper has a surface coated with heat transfer printing chemicals. Note: When printing images on thermal transfer paper, the color will be lighter than the original file, so customers do not be too confused because when printing the image on the cup through the ceramic cup press, the image on the cup is now. will be more like the original file!
#3 – Thermal Transfer Printer
After you have the design file on your computer, you proceed to print it on the Thermal Transfer Paper with a thermal transfer printer or a thermal transfer printer. Customers should use a 6-color inkjet thermal transfer printer to print more vivid, sharp, and brilliant images.
#4 – Choose white porcelain cup
Depending on individual preferences and needs, each person chooses suitable white porcelain cups to print on
#5 – Insulation adhesive tape
Insulation adhesive tape is a type of tape that does not melt at high temperatures, specialized in heat transfer printing technology. Thermal tape is used to fix the position of thermal transfer paper on the workpiece so that it does not move when performing to minimize blurring during operation.
#6 – Thermal transfer printer images onto porcelain cups
Thermal image transfer printer on ceramic cups is an indispensable assistant in the process of printing thermal images on cups. This is a product of the printing industry with modern technology, easy to use, compact shape and can not only press images on porcelain cups but also on cylindrical products similar to cups such as thermos bottles, canisters. pens, gift boxes,….
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I just finished sharing with you information on how to do heat transfer printing on ceramic cups. Hope this knowledge will effectively support you in the process of printing products.
See you in the next posts.

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