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If the scintillating promise of spring’s first blooms has you eager to infuse the last few weeks of winter with some brilliant bursts of color, you’re not alone—and a great place to begin is at home. But before you go picking out prismatic paint swatches, consider ushering new energy into more muted nooks and corners with some fresh, boldly saturated decorative accents. Trust us: A tutti-frutti throw pillow or a sunny yellow lampshade can go a long way toward reinvigorating any space—no paintbrush required.

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up a vibrant selection of quick home updates to brighten up your every day.

Whether your culinary skills skew more seasoned chef or master of the microwave, it’s easy to add a dash of whimsy to your prep station with some brightly crested peacock salt and pepper shakers, an illustrated pitcher, a perky three-legged planter, or a textured cactus cup.

Hand-painted in bold blue brushstrokes and garnished with glittering gold, this oversized ceramic mug is dripping with character (and patiently waiting to hold your favorite stay-at-home beverage).

For tubs and sinks that could use an extra touch of sparkle, these birthstone-inspired mineral soaps come in shimmering shades ranging from amethyst to peridot.









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